Dark Findings

Into the rabbit hole

Lan and company after making planet fall aquire shelter in the middle hive imperial district.
during this down Time Lan makes contact with the Mechanicus temple paying off his debt with a slightly used isotropic fuel rod.

Also recruting a young up and comming tech preist Gallion.
Reviewing the lists of requests for aid and repairs Lan decides to head to the under hive with gallion in tow to aid the “352 Cantus Regulars” Imperial guard detachment sent to dispatch mutant uprisings.

The regulars Have seen better days, low on munitions and in need of major repairs Corpral Lance Has done his best to maintin the defence. Lan and Gallion work to repair weapons, recharge power packs, and get the Heavy Laz turret array back online.

Private Yomie is recruted as an alcolyte when the mutant userpers arive in great numbers to attack the batterd Guard forces.

Lan is able to chase off what would appear to be there leader a mutant witch that causes the moral or the remaining mutants to break.

With a promise of vengance on his lips Lan and company return to the surface advising corpral Lance aid will be sent.


Huegh Huegh

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