Dark Findings

the price of power

Lan recives invitation by the Bear Clan member Xanice Fiedlerson to come to one of his balls thrown in honor of the nobles.

While at the party Lan learns much of the political structure.
Gluttin of clan tiger mentions of the disatisfaction of the clans with the high imperial tith demands, his own clan fighting force was reduced considerably.

Falcon Clan has supplied the party with chemically enhanced foods, as well as offer nymeria fame.
though rumorse abound of famouse actresses going missing.

Clan dragon has split into three clans, dragon, serpent, and hydra.
Lan has also learned that all of the clan bear servitors have been enhanced with recording software.

investigating Local temple lan confirmes the golden eyed preacher is a psyker

Invited to witness the executions of 3 criminals for sport xancie offers a game of chance with Lan to pardon and save one prisoner.

Gallion and yomico have been arrested for trespassing at the ball doing further investigation.

Lan tasked reclaiming his alcolites and salamander transport.
the bear enforcers are difficult but negotiations are made to free the alcolites.

when making repairs (part of the deal to free gallion) catastrophic eletric failure causes a prison break and riot with great skill Lan is able to prevent the prisoners escaping by closing blast doors and activating deadly poison gas anti riot system.

One prisoner escaped Lan took this poor soul to redeem himself in service to the emporers inqusition Pedro – aka snow dog.

Granted a Meeting with the Head of the mechanicus temple Lan discovers the cause for the lack of mechanicus involment with repairs around the Hive, the discovery of a preheresy space hulk in the toxic wastes many mechanicus finest have been dispatched but none have returned.

accepting the task to investigate Lan has been gifted a valkery gunship.


Huegh Huegh

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