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Nina – black cat
nina is a 14 year old delinqent living in the craven orphanage. Unkown to her she is a psiker
and her fitful dreams have been causing havock on all who live in the district for years.
But her powers are growing as well as the physical manifestations of her nightmares.
Billy – the butcher – Billy has been driven mad from nightmares over years from living close to the
orphanage and now kills people to add to his inventory.
Judge Frolo – Inquisitor Frolo “the Judge” a hard nose heritic and witch hunter.
weapon of choice “hand of absolution” melta built into a glove made of silver bearing the Inquisitorial seal.

the judge has a small retinue of storm troopers.
and “Thing” his personal bound psiker

DM Note: he will be compitition but is willing to work with lannister even take him under his wing But his methodes are extream. If/when the deamoness is investigated/encountered He will be stabed and a portion of her/his claw will be embedded into frolo this will start the process of him becomming demonic like with new found knowlege will attempt to isolate this world from the warp
(but in truth will usher in a demonic invasion if successful)

Gorma – psyker – leading the mutants a cultist working for the alpha legion.


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